A Long Delayed Update

Sorry for not posting these last few weeks. July was a busy month for me. I had to split my time between writing, fitness, and costuming.

I made a lot of progress with my current work in progress. As usual, I knew how I wanted the story to end but I had a problem with where and how to begin. Sequels are strange that way. While it would have been easy to pick up right where the last book left off at, it wasn’t the best place to start the new story. It took me a while to settle on the right spot. After that, the words came quickly and easily. I also sent out The Crown and the Ring to several reviewers. Yesterday, Shelly at Nerdgirl.com gave it an awesome review. Go check it out here and if you haven’t done so yet, pick up a copy of my book. I think it’s one of the best stories I’ve ever writen.

On the fitness front, I’ve been able to get into a routine and stick with it. Most days, I walk about 3 miles in the early morning hours. Sometimes I do a little more when the mood suits me and the weather cooperates. These last two weeks, I  working out with resistance bands before my morning walk. I’m not dropping the pounds quickly but I do notice an improvement and I feel good about myself so mission accomplished. Add to that, I no longer need to go into the doctor’s office every eight weeks for an infusion of remicade. For those of you who don’t know, I suffer from RA. In my case, the inflamation occurs in my eyes instead of my joints. If left untreated, it would result in blindness and a lot of intense pain. Needless to say, it makes work a little difficult when you need time off every few weeks to take care of it.

Finally, I finished most of my costumes for DragonCon which will be taking place over Labor Day weekend. When I’m not attending a panel or one of the many fun events at the con, you can find me in costume. This year’s costumes include a few old favorites like Ocean Master, Phantom Stranger, and Orion plus a couple of new ones like Bishop. If you’re attending the con, feel free to catch me around the Hyatt bar or one of the photoshoots I’ll be attending in the Hilton.

Okay, that’s all for now. With any luck, I’ll have another update soon and a new story to post here.

Take care and stay cool.

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Flash Fiction: The Call

There it was again. It was like the sound of distant thunder. Carson glanced at his traveling companions. He didn’t know the men and women sharing the road with him. None of them seemed to hear the sound. Instead of asking them about it, he turned away from them and struck off into the wilderness on his own. With the road lost to him, he let his senses to guide him.

“You hear it, don’t you?”

Carson wasn’t surprised or caught off guard by the question. He caught sight of the old man leaning against the tree before he had spoken.

“Yes. Was that you?”

The stranger shook his head. His weathered skin and wispy snow white beard were at odds with his youthful eyes. They gave the impression that despite all the man had seen, he was still eager to see and do more.

“No. It wasn’t. I heard it too. It’s not the first time. Some are blessed and cursed to hear it more than once in their lifetimes.”

The sound hadn’t stopped. It was louder and more urgent. It took all his willpower to resist its pull. Thankfully, the old man abandoned his resting spot to walk in the direction of the sound.

“I don’t understand,” Carson said. “What is it?”

“Maybe it’s a call to action? Maybe it’s a cry for help? We won’t know which until we get there.”

Carson thought about that. “What about the others I was traveling with? Why couldn’t they hear it?

At that, the old man smiled sadly. “What makes you think they didn’t? Some chose to ignore it. Not everyone has the strength or courage to answer the call.”

As they neared their destination, Carson noticed others converging on the area. He still didn’t know what awaited them or what they would do when they got there. He just knew it was important that they had answered the call.


Author’s Note: Carson is the main protagonist for a fantasy story called The Dreamers. Whenever I write a story, I make a lot of notes. Some of those notes evolve into stories of their own that help me flesh out the characters or give a little insight into them. Every once in a while, I post one of these stories. As for The Dreamers, I’m still working on it and a few other stories that I need to publish.

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A Little Advice from Alan Moore to Writers



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A New Routine

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get back into shape and exercise more. It was tough getting started. The routine I tried to get into only compounded the problem. Even in my prime, I was never one for pumping iron. Also, treadmills and exercise bikes didn’t work for me. It felt too much like work. I needed to see the world and experience it. With that in mind, I ordered a new pair of walking shoes which arrived last week I’ve burned more calories walking than I did in the gym because I like what I’m doing. That might change when winter comes around. In the meantime, I’m going to increase my step count until I’m back to where I used to be when I was a messenger. As a side benefit, it’s given my writing a slight boost. Later this week, I’ll have a few more stories and info about my con schedule for the summer and fall. Until then, take it easy.

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Excerpt: The Crown and the Ring

I should have posted a long time ago.  Truth be told, I thought I had but it was sitting in my draft folder.

Long delayed thanks to Victorine Lieske, author of Not What She Seems, and other best sellers. She took the time and effort to critique the first chapter. Her advice gave me a lot to think on. I also want to thank K.C. May, author of The Kinshield Legacy, for her help. Without further ado, here is the long delayed excerpt from The Crown and the Ring. Enjoy.

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Kobo Writing Life: Building Fantasy Worlds

Check out the latest post by Daniel Arenson on Kobo Writing Life called Building Fantasy Worlds. It’s a good read and one of the reasons why I have have so many of Daniel’s books on my Kindle.

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Flash Fiction: Three Words

Under faraway stars, we speak the words. They flow freely, deep and heartfelt. Their power turns the night and conversation into something magical. Secrets and laughter are shared. The problems of the day are forgotten, replaced by simple pleasures. Time passes. Passion flows. The morning comes all too soon. Will the dawn rob the words of their power? Will what we had be forgotten or chalked up to a moment of weakness? The words are spoken again. The questions are answered.

Author Note: I’ve been at a loss as to what to post. I decided to post another piece of flash fiction. It was part of a challenge that I did this weekend. Hope you enjoy it.

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