Some Thoughts on Immigration

We are a nation of immigrants. The influx of immigrants and new ideas has always benefitted this country in numerous ways. It’s what made this country great. That said, there needs to be some immigration reform but I am against mass deportation. There should be a path to citizenship. Those who aren’t white shouldn’t be treated any differently than immigrants from Europe. Religion should never factor into it. To do otherwise, violates everything the founding fathers fought for.

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Being Honest

I’m going to be honest with you. These last two weeks have been rough. I put a number of my stories and projects on the back burner to focus on current events.

I have a lot of problems with President-Elect Trump and the people he is surrounding himself with. With these people guiding him and the country, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. It’s really taken the wind out of my sails.

Most of the writing I’ve been doing has been more political in nature. It’s my way of coping with what’s going on. It also serves as a way to give people some insight into the things that many women, minorities, and members of the lgbtq community are concerned about. For the time being, that is a little more important than writing about a dystopian future that will never come to pass. We’re on the verge of living in a dystopia far more perilous than anything I could dreamed of. No, I’m not giving up writing or fiction. You’ll still see new stories and books from me. You’ll also see more posts concerning politics and other issues important to me so buckle up and enjoy the ride.


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A Rare Political Post

Originally, I planned to post a story I was working on. In light of recent events, I’m going to make the rare political post and talk about the election.

I don’t see myself as a democrat or a republican. Some of my views are very liberal and progressive while I’m hold some more conservative views. When it came to this election cycle. I wasn’t in love with either candidate. I would have preferred Sanders with Biden as my second choice as far as candidates go.

My vote wasn’t just about which candidate’s policies were best for me, my friends, and family. It was also about which candidate had policies and views that hurt people and this country the least. How many considered the latter during this election? Looking at the state of affairs today, clearly not enough.

Women, minorities, the lgbtq community, and numerous others have every right to be afraid. They have valid reasons for feeling the way that they do so don’t try to tell them to stop whining or shut up. On day one, racists are openly spewing their hatred and committing acts of vandalism. Women are enduring more bile than ever on social media because they wouldn’t support a man who talked about sexual assaulting them and didn’t see a thing wrong with it. Members in the lgbtq community have been assaulted while politicians talk about stripping them of their hard fought for rights. Peaceful protesters have been labelled as thugs, rioters, and traitors while armed militia men who take over federal land are called patriots. People around the world are concerned about a US that no longer honors its treaties and fell less safe.

Spare me the talk about coming together and reaching out to the other side. Right now, the only reason I would reach out to the other side is to strangle it. It’s the other side that has to reach out to. Here’s hoping they do.

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A Brief Scare

Originally, I planned to post something else but my nerves are a shot. Earlier tonight, I had a moment of panic when I logged into my Amazon Kindle Direct account to check on my ebooks. I was greeted with an empty dashboard. Even though I have copies of all my books, publishing them again would have been a time consuming task. Add to that, my other Amazon accounts were also screwed up. After spending half an hour navigating the Amazon web site for help, I decided to give their customer service department a call. Thankfully, the issue was resolved. The customer service rep was able to pinpoint the problem and help me without treating me like an idiot. Now with the disaster averted, I’m going to try and relax. I’ll check back after N7 Day. Until then, stay safe and take care.


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It’s no secret that I love playing video games. The video game voice, stunt, and motion capture actors deserve to be treated fairly by the video game industry. Their performances make what video games what they are today. Please support these actors and actresses. For more information, visit SAG-AFTRA Interactive Strike Center for information about the strike and how it affects the video game industry.

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Favorite Channels

I wanted to do something a little different today. Here are some of my favorite youtube channels and why.

AngryJoeShow – Angry Joe offers great reviews for games and insight into the kind of things that gamers hate. He explains why things like paid dlc on release, microtransactions, and incomplete games sold at full price are a bad thing for the gaming industry. He also leads a thriving online gaming community dubbed The Angry Army.

Chris Stuckmann – Chris Stuckmann has some very insightful movie reviews. He won’t nitpick a movie to death. Instead, he’ll give you concise clear reasons as to why he thinks it’s good, bad, or somewhere in between. His Hilariocity Reviews, where he reviews movies that either just plain bad, so bad they’re good, or guilty pleasures are fun to watch especially when it’s a bad movie.

Cinemasins – I always laugh when I see one of their videos. So much of what they say is true. They’re one of the channels I go to when I need a little cheering up.

ComicsExplained – I’m a big fan of comic books. I like to think I know a lot about all the characters from Marvel and DC. Bob will take a topic, series, or story arc and go into detaill about it. They’ll explain concepts and things that might confuse the more casual reader or missed by someone who only follows certain titles. I can find videos highlighting something I didn’t know or things I was curious about like the DC Rebirth titles. It’s the perfect resource for someone who wants to learn more about a Marvel or DC character debuting in a movie or tv show without going to the comic book store and diving into back issues. Sometimes their videoes motivates me to track down a story or trade paperback to read which is always a good thing.

How It Should Have Ended – Another channel I tune into when I need a laugh. Again, a lot of what they show is true. The animation and voice acting is great.

JDfromNY206 – I don’t listen to a lot of wrestling podcasts. I just don’t have time to keep up with all the wrestling podcasts and youtube channels devoted to the WWE and Lucha Underground. Of them all, I chose JDfromNY206. He knows what he’s talking about and makes sure to credit his sources for news. His reviews of the WWE shows and Lucha Underground are entertaining. If you’re a wrestling fan, he’s worth listening to. He shares a lot of my frustration with Monday night Raw.

Jeremy Jahns – Jeremy Jahns is another movie reviewer. I love this man’s style and the way he reviews movies. A lot of his opinions match my own so I use his reviews as a guide for whether or not to see a movie that I’m undecided on. Also, the Star Wars cape which makes an appearance when either he discusses any thing Star Wars is the mark of a true fan.

moviebob – moviebob is really that good and his series of videos by the same name are worth watching. His review of Fantastic 4 and other movies had me dying of laughter but they aren’t for the faint of heart. He has videos on other channels and they’ll all worth watching.

The Young Turks – This election season is more important than most. It was how I stumbled upon the Young Turks channel. They’re a good source for news and information. Their political coverage is a little biased but they don’t let it get in the way of reporting the news and the facts. In addition to their election coverage, they have a surprising amount of quality programming and shows on their channel.


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Back from DragonCon

It’s been two weeks since I got back from DragonCon. I would have posted sooner but I’ve been very busy. I’m still trying to play catch up but the world hasn’t been cooperating with me. For the few of you who sent me emails while I was away, I’ll get back to you as soon as I sort things out here.

Originally, I planned to make a long and drawn out post about DragonCon. Instead, I’m going to keep things short. DragonCon was awesome. I met a lot of people and made some new friends. This year, I did a few things differently this year. I didn’t attend any panels. None of the writing and costume panels interested me. The long lines to enter the fandom panels, like the Flash, discouraged me. I ended up hanging out with friends and watching them on closed circuit tv during lunch and dinner.

This year, the Magical Character shoot was a fun time. I upgraded my Phantom Stranger costume and I was quite happy with the results. Special thanks to Teresa Waters for all the time she spent organizing the shoot. She managed to get two great photographers for the shoot. As soon as they upload the pictures, I’ll post them here. The New Gods shoot was also fun. In 2018, there are plans to expand the shoot and do a Kirby-verse shoot. My plan is to have Omac ready in time.

The only downer about this year’s con was the fact that I ended up being sick Friday morning and Sunday evening. Luckily, my roomies put up with my weakness and took care of me. Since getting back home, I had to focus on getting well before I tackled anything else including posting here.

Well that’s it for now. I need to dive back into my still full inbox. Take care.

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