Tips and Tricks: Change Your Display Sleep Setting

To save power, your Kindle will go into sleep mode after a specified period of time. Depending on what you’re using your Kindle for, you might want to change this setting. To do so, go to your Settings then the Display & Sounds menu. You can change the Display Sleep timer to whatever you want.

I usually have this set to 15 minutes. If I’m using my Kindle to listen to music or watch a movie, I change this setting to Never then change it back when I’m done. This is also handy for those times when I need to download a large file, sync a lot of content, or for applications that take a long time to update.

When using this option, it’s important to either change your timer when you no longer need it or place your Kindle in stand by mode otherwise the device will stay on and drain the battery.

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Quick Update

I’m going to be honest. I’ve been at a loss as to what to post. There hasn’t been a lot going on with me. It would be easy to talk about my latest book, The Crown and the Ring, but that kind of thing gets old. I figure anyone who visits here on a regular basis already has a copy of the book or plan to do so. For those of you who have already gotten a copy of it, I hope you’re enjoying it. If so, please share and retweet about my book or leave a review. As much as I want to sell a lot of copies of my book and be successful, I don’t want to spam or badger people about my books.

On the writing front, I’ve been working on The Court of the Two Sisters and the final part to Crossroads. I finished both of the stories last year. They need some work before they’re ready for publication. With any luck, I’ll publish both of them in May.

In other news, I’m gearing up for a trip to Chicago. A lot of details are still up in the air. If the stars align, I’ll be in town for C2E2 and stick around for Free Comic Day.

Well, that’s all for now. Have a good weekend.


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KDP Tips and Tricks: Previewing Your eBooks

How the interior of your book looks is as important as its cover. Some readers will put aside a book that has poor formatting because they either find it too difficult to read or it’s hard on the eyes.

The conversion process used by KDP might make changes to your ebook’s format. Always preview your ebooks once they are uploaded. The online preview took is useful but it might not catch everything. If you can, download a copy of your ebook and look at it on your Kindle or whatever ereader you use. In that way, you can make sure things like your table of contents and any links inside of your ebook work.


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The Crown and the Ring

It’s taken me a while to finish this and I’m quite proud of the results. The Crown and the Ring is finally available on Amazon.

His name is Danr and magic is his birthright.

With the giants on the move, he embarks on a dangerous quest to recover a relic from the last age. Accompanied by a priestess and her paladins, he has the chance to claim a prize he has sought for generations but at what price?


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Tips and Tricks: eBook Management

If you’re like me, you have a lot of ebooks on your Kindle. Some of them might be in different formats or from sites other than Amazon. There are a lot of tools to help you manage your ebook library. You might want to convert ebooks brought on older devices or other operating systems so you acn read them on your Kindle. Some even let you edit and create ebooks.

I use calibre to manage my library of ebooks. It’s a a free and open source program with a lot of useful features.


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It’s Done

I spent last week putting the finishing touches on The Crown and the Ring. I’m going to give it another read over the next few days and doublecheck the formatting before I publish it. After that, I’ll work on finishing another project.

In other news, I have only gotten one response to my “In a Nutshell” post. I’m going to shelve the idea. Along with it, I’m discontinuing a number of author centric articles and posts. I want to focus on the things that interest me the most. In addition to posts about my writing and kindle related news, you’ll see the occasional post about  gaming, comics, costuming, and travel.

Well, that’s all for now.  Next post will have a little more information about The Crown and the Ring including its release date.

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Tips and Tricks: Private Browsing

Ordinarily, sites will show up in your browsing history and can be seen whenever uses your Kindle. With Private Browsing, you can surf the web without saving a record of your visits. Pages you view during a Private Browsing session do not remain in your browser’s history, cookie store, or search history after the session is over. Note: this will not hide your browsing history from your isp or the websites you visit.

To enable Private Browsing, tap the page action icon at the bottom of the screen and select Enter Private Browsing. While Private Browsing is enabled, tabs appear in purple and have the word Private after the website name. To disable Private Browsing, tap the page action icon and select Exit Private Browsing. You might then be prompted about whether you would like to keep or delete any downloaded content.

I will sometimes to use this feature if I need to borrow someone’s Kindle to look something up on the web.

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