Flash Fiction: The Black Sheep

I had fallen asleep on the couch. Although my uncle tried not to make any noise, the awkward rattle of him fumbling for his keys was enough to wake me. When he opened the door, letting the light from the hallway in, I could make out his hunched over form. I waited for him to shut the door before turning on the lights to reveal his bruised and battered form.

“You’re hurt. I thought you were……”

“Invincible,” he replied, flashing me a tired smile. “Far from it.”

With those words, he seemed to change. He stood a little straighter and taller. It was as if pain and weakness were beneath him.

“Do the others know?”

My uncle shrugged. “They just see the results. They don’t care about the cost. It’s easier for them to think I can’t be hurt. That I can’t feel anything.”

“I don’t understand.”

“This is why I’m the black sheep of the family. To the others, I’m a throwback, violent and unpredictable, someone who should only be called when needed. It’s my role.”

The stories my family told about him always illustrated those points. He had a wild side and was capable in a way that frightened people who heard about some of his exploits. Most spoke of him as if he was the boogeyman. He was someone to only be called as a last resort when all else had failed. His words hinted at the pain this caused him.

“Then why do it?” I asked.

“Love and duty,” he said, smiling. “I will always be there for my family but I can’t change who and what I am.”

I don’t know if he ever shared this with anyone else in the family. I didn’t care. To me, he was no longer the black sheep of the family but a white knight. I resolved to treat him as such from this day forward. He would always be welcome.


Author’s Note: I spent some time with a friend visiting this weekend so there was a delay in posting this story. There’s a lot I could say about this story. It’s taken a number of forms and title changes before I settled on the current one. That’s because this story has more meaning for me than most. I represents an evolution of sorts. Initially, I saw one of my uncles as black sheep of the family. I didn’t understand until we actually talked one Christmas. When he passed on, I fell into a similar role. As for sharing my feelings, we’re still working on that part which is why I wrote this story.


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Happy Halloween

In honor of Halloween, I planned to stream and record some content from a horror themed game but my computer had some issues. The drop in frame rate and lag made the game unplayable. I’ll look at the settings and see if I can figure things out.

November is going to be a busy month for me. I’ll be back to making weekly posts.

Okay, that’s all for now. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween. I need to prepare for the hordes of trick and treaters.



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Flash Fiction: The Wordless Cry

How often have I heard this cry without realizing it? Too many times. The few words spoken only hint at the danger of the moment and the stress being undergone. Why don’t those in need scream for help? Emotions and circumstances play a part in the depressing silence. It was something I never understood until I had to make the same cry. Now, I wonder if those around will pick up on the clues I have laid out for them or will I have to face the darkness alone.



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Flash Fiction: The Wraith

Tethered to the past, unable to move forward, each day is more difficult to get through than the last. The darker emotions are more keenly felt. Joy and happiness are now fleeting things to be treasured. You know what you are. Through no fault of your own, you’re a wraith and a stranger. More dead than alive, there seems to be no place for you among the living. To your credit, you try time and time again. Can you be saved? Are you worth saving? You’re not so sure but your few friends and family say yes. Yes, you are.


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Flash Fiction: The Letter and the Spirit

The words are written with precise grammar and punctuation. They say what they say. Their meaning is clear though some will argue and debate it.

Intent is just as important as the literal interpretation. Without the spirit, the letter is a soulless thing.

Together, they can’t be twisted or manipulated though some will try.


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Flash Fiction: Quicksand

Was it arrogance or a sincere desire to help that led to this? I ignored the warnings. Things are worse than they were before. I’m mired in a conflict of my own making, unable to win free. I no longer see or hear the person I came to save. Alone, I look to the path I strayed from. If I escaped this, I would do better in the future. A would be rescuer sees my plight, not realizing the danger they are in. I yell and scream, hoping they heed the warning I ignored. It’s too late. What looked like solid ground gives way beneath them. They tumble and fall, to join me in the quicksand.

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Quick Update

This morning I realized the page I had set up with some background info about Count Albritton and his stories was never linked to the rest of this site. Special thanks to GriffithsKL for her comment which brought this to my attention.

I updated the Books section of this site to add some information about all of the books I have published and to make it legible. I plan to edit and post the background info for Count Albritton this weekend. I might be distracted by birthday plans so no promises.

In the meantime, you’ll see some more flash fiction. Until later.

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