Fresh Start

I thought moving my blog from Myspace to WordPress would be easy. Like most things that sound easy, it wasn’t. There were no technical difficulties in setting up the blog. The process was easy enough. The features fit my needs and present goals. All in all, I think things will work out for me in the long run.

My problem was a more psychological one. It’s always hard to make a fresh start someplace new. I had friends on Myspace and it almost seemed like I was abandoning them. Yeah, I know it sounds silly but that was how I felt. So here I am, looking to do what he does best, babble about the things that interest him the most. I’ll still visit Myspace to catch up with my friends, just not as often as I used to.

I like telling stories. It’s why I got into writing. Each week, time permitting, I’ll be posting everything from information on current projects to short stories. I’ll babble about little things I have seen and done. I might even offer an opinion on current events or write an article on something I have experience with. You might agree with what I have to say, think I’m a nutjob or both. I just hope to provide a little entertainment and information. The only promise I am making is that you’ll get a little insight into me and my world as well as the occasional plug for one of my books.

Until next time. Happy Holidays



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