The Dukes of Hazard

Tonight was one of those nights where I decided to watch some old television programs on cable. Watching the Dukes of Hazard again after all this time brought back a lot of memories and funny stories from my childhood.

Growing up in the New York City, we didn’t find anything entertaining about a pair of good ole boys who drove around in a car named the General that was painted with a confederate flag. Daisy Duke was a different story but we won’t dwell on that right now, it might distract me from whatever point I am trying to make.

I still remember my grandmother’s expression when we tuned into the show for the first time. It was a mixture of shock and horror coupled with a measure of disbelief. The look was shared by everyone in the house. I remember thinking ‘no way’ but there it was. Looking back, the show did teach me two important lessons.

Back then, the words I would have used to describe Bo and Luke would have been “crackers” or worse. I’m a bit more enlightened now. Having a confederate flag in your home or painted on a vehicle doens’t make you a racist. It might be a red flag but nothing more. I might not like or agree with the practice of flying the confederate flag but it isn’t proof someone is a racist. You have to take everything else into account before applying that sort of label.

The second lesson was never to trust a big butt and a smile. Daisy was a trickster and a good looking one to boot.


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