Fall from Grace – Kindle Edition Now Available

Tyler was at the top of his game. As a Broadcaster or Caster, he used cybernetic implants to broadcast his emotions and experiences to the viewers at home. He lived a life of action and adventure. It was a dream come true until he lost his job. It didn’t take long for Tyler to hit rock bottom. Things only get worse when his agent is killed. Tyler finds himself plunged into the middle of a mystery that he is ill-equipped to deal with. As he seeks the truth, he comes face to face with the darker side of the broadcasting industry and himself. He soon learns there is much more for him to lose.

Fall from Grace and it’s sequel, Redemption Song, are set in a near future where things have taken a turn for the worse. It’s a cross between science and pulp fiction minus the over the top cover art. I wanted to deliver a good and entertaining story for a low price. That is why Fall from Grace and any book in this series will be sold for the low price of ninety nine cents.

Special thanks to Rei Valentine who helped me with the cover art.


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