Quick Update

Last week was one of those weeks where the universe seemed to be conspiring against me. I’m not going to bore you with all the details. Let’s just say that it was a cross between a tragedy and a comedy of errors. Yeah, life gets like that every once in a while.

To distract myself, I spent some time playing Mass Effect 2. I won’t rave about how great the game is. There are plenty of reviews out there on other sites. I was entertained from start to finish. A little time in Commander Shepard’s shoes helped dispel my bad mood. I was able to approach my problems with a clear head. I haven’t solved all of them but I’m in a much better place.

I spent the last two days putting the finishing touches on another short story. I’ll probably post it tomorrow. I also managed to work a bit more on the next book. I’m at the point where t’s coming along quite nicely. The one thing holding me up is cover art. I’m also thinking about redoing the cover art for my first two books.

Finally, I hope everyone has a safe and fun Super Bowl Sunday. My money is on the Saints.


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