iTouch vs iPad

I’ve always liked high tech gadgets. The few I own make life so much easier. When Apple announced the iPad, I wondered if I could use or need such a devices. The iPad looks and sounds like a scaled up version of the iTouch. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t see this as a bad thing. I’m in love with my iTouch. I use it primarily as an organizer and mp3 player. I can watch videos, play games and even read my ebooks on it. It’s the one devices that is always on my person. Sure, I could have gotten an iPhone. I decided against it. As a phone, the iPhone didn’t do it for me. Also, I wasn’t in love with the calling and data plans associated with the device.

The iPad offers many of the same features as the iTouch but on a larger canvas. With more screen space, the applications look much better. The iPad also has the iBooks application which turns the device into an ereader. Is this enough to make me run out and buy an iPad when they are released? This might sound a bit strange so please bear with me. The two devices are a lot like books to me. I see the iTouch as a paperback book and the iPad as a hardcover book.

Why do some people prefer paperbacks over hardcovers? Paperbacks are more portable and easier to carry around. That said, there are times when you want to curl up with a hardcover. The iTouch’s size makes it perfect for using on the go. The iPad is better for those times where you have space to use to relax or while traveling. Both types of books are vulnerable to the elements but it is easier to protect and shield a paperback from harm than it is a hardcover book. Both devices share the same vulnerabilities. There will be a wide range of protective cases available for the iPad like there is for the iTouch. The difference is that, you can shove an iTouch in a pocket. You won’t be able to do that with an iPad. If you want to further protect it, you will need some sort of bag or case for it. Finally, paperbacks are cheaper than hardcover editions. The same holds true when you compare the price of an iTouch to an iPad. The monthly fee associated with a data plan makes the device even more expensive in the long term.

So back to the orginal question.  Will I run out and buy an iPad when it is released? At this point in time, the answer is no. Apple would need to offer something more. I don’t know what they could offer to make the iPad more attractive to people like me without wrecking their current business model. Maybe they will come up with something between now and whenever the device is released. Maybe they won’t. Either way, the device is sure to be popular.

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