Wishlist and Dream Projects

Over the years, I’ve made a list of characters that I would like to work with in some way. These are my dream projects. I hope to get the opportunity to do one or all of them. All of the characters on my wishlist have influenced me in some way, making me smile even during the darkest times or made me think. Here are my top four.

Bukaroo Banzi and the Hong Kong Cavaliers: This is one of my favorite movies. Many consider it a cult classic. It follows the exploits of Bukaroo Banzai, a man of many talents. Like a modern day Doc Savage, he is a leader assisted by the Hong Kong Cavaliers. Each member of the Cavaliers is a top man in his field. Together, they push sience, life and their luck to the limit. I was always disappointed that a sequel to the movie wasn’t made. I would love to write a book or screenplay featuring Bukaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers. They have a lot of stories to tell and a complex backstory that was left out of the movie.

Kelvin Mace: He is a man who has no business being anyone’s role model. Almost everything he does is needlessly violent and enourmously irresponsible. I couldn’t stop laughing at Mace’s brutal antics. Unfortunately, there were only two comics featuring the character. I would love to do a graphic novel or mini-series featuring Mr Mace and his sidekick, Fixer.

Captain Marvel: There have been a lot of stories about the world’s mightest mortal. The character is one of the most interesting ones ever created but he almost never gets his due. For a long time now, I’ve had an idea for a graphic novel featuring the character. It wouldn’t be another Superman vs Captain Marvel story. There have been a lot of good ones over the years. My story would focus on what it’s like to be a boy who can turn into a being with almost godlike power. Also, what are the things that sets him apart from other super heroes. Another story idea I have for the character is much darker, set in a Fawcett City where things are much grittier.

Elric of Melnibone: Created by Michael Moorcock, Elric is one my all time favorite fantasy characters. He isn’t your typical hero. Tragedy allows follows in his wake. His sword, Stormbringer, is both friend and foe. The character and his creator has influenced my writing. It openned up my mind to possibilities that I never thought of. When you read an Elric story, it makes you think. You see the consequences for what Elric does and where it leads him. If any fantasy character needed to be adapted to an animated film or graphic novel series, it is this one.


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