Comments and Feedback

It’s always nice to get comments, feedback and a little constructive criticism. I think all writers love to hear from people about their stories especially when someone likes their work. Even if someone doesn’t like what I’ve written, feedback and constructive criticism are very helpful. It gives me another prospective to look at what I’ve crafted. Many times, it gives me something to think about. In the end, my stories are much better for it.

For example, I had writen a fantasy story involving giants and their kin. My giants were based on the ones from Norse mythology. The first person who read the story liked it but had a problem with several concepts. Most of the confusion centered around my giants and their offspring. After several emails and a long talk, it became apparent the person was thinking about giants from Bible. That was something I had not even considered. The giants mentioned in Genesis are different from the ones of Norse and Greek mythology. I realized that parts of my story required some knowledge of Norse mythology. That gave me a lot to think about when it came time to edit the story.

So why am I posting this? It has come to my attention that the spam settings on my blog flagged several legitimate comments as spam. I’m trying to retrieve them from the database now but I am having a few issues. I just wanted to apologize to those who took the time to comment about my stories and excerpts. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

Tomorrow, there will be a new story posted.


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