Vacation Recap

I’m back from New Orleans. I really had a fun time. I got to hang out and relax. I met a lot of good people. Best of all, I managed not to get into any fights or find myself in need of bail money. With that said, here’s a recap of the trip and some links that might help you if you visit New Orleans.

Thursday: I arrived in New Orleans around 11 am . The weather was a little chilly. My last few trips down south has coincided with record low tempatures. Go figure. I took an Airport Shuttle to French Quarter and checked into the Maison Dupuy Hotel. This was my second stay at the hotel. It’s located in the French Quarter and is three blocks from Bourbon Street. That makes it very convenient. This time my room was a bit smaller with a noticeable lack of closet space. It also lacked internet access. After unpacking, I went to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. Three margaritas later, lunch was served. I had the gator bites and a hamburger well done. I resisted the urge to grab a slice of Key Lime Pie. I decided to head back to the room for a quick nap which turned out to be a bit longer than I had planned. I decided to go to Sammy’s Steak and Lobster on Bourbon Street. After a quiet meal, it was time to sample the night life. Bourbon Street wasn’t that crowded for a Thursday night. It made navigating much easier. There were also no cover charges to worry about. The first stop  was the Famous Door. The band was very good but the feedback from the sound system was killing me. I then went to Funky 544 Rhythym and Blues for more live music. Once again, there was a very good band playing and this time there was no feedback. I spent the rest of the night there until the band finished their set. The DJ had a poor sense of humor and after a few jokes, some at my expense, I decided to leave before my temper got the better of me. After a little more wandering around, I headed back to the room.

Friday: For some insane reason, I actually managed to wake up early. I went to a restaurant near Jackson Square that I had eaten in before. As usual, they didn’t disappoint me. After breakfast, I decided to do a little research for the next book and refamiliarize myself with the French Quarter. I also picked up some cigars from the Cigar Factory for a friend. On the way back to the hotel, I stumbled into a traditional irish pub crawl. Okay, I don’t know how traditional it was but everyone was wearing a kilt and drinking a beer as they milled around on the street. Back at the hotel, I grabbed a quick nap before dinner. This time I decided to try someplace new. I went to Arnaud’s Remoulade. Sad to say, I wasn’t impressed with the food. My meal didn’t agree with me. Maybe things would have been different if I ordered something else. Who knows. I will say that the service was good enough to make me want to give the restaurant another try. Afterwards, I went back to Funky 544 for more live music and met a fellow writer. We talked briefly about working on a project together which reminds me to email him later. As the night progressed, I found myself drinking far too much. I even ended up dancing part of night away with a beautiful woman until her girlfriend dragged her off. That was a good time to head back to my room where my meal started to argue with me in earnest. Note: I’m leaving out a ton of details, most of which are embarrashing and can be used for possible blackmail purposes.

Saturday: I spent most of the day comatose only waking up briefly to order breakfast via room service. That turned out to be a smart move. I enjoyed my breakfast even though I was in no condition to face the bright sunlight. I used the day to watch a few movies and go through all the notes I had been making for a story. The day passed quickly and I felt like I got a lot done. By the time the sun had set, I was ready to stroll outside. There was a parade down Bourbon Street and throughout the French Quarter that made navigating a bit hard. The streets were also a lot more crowded. After thirty minutes of walking around, I settled on The Embers. It’s another place that I had eaten in before. I have no complaints about the food. It’s a nice place to go especially if you don’t want to get dressed up or be bothered with reservations. After dinner, I hit Razzoo for the scenery and an injection of fun. This time I resisted the urge to hit the dance floor. I left before things got too crazy and hit the Old Opera House to catch another band then it was back to my room. Yeah, I sort of called it an early night. Even though, I was feeling good I didn’t want to push my luck. I think that had to do with the dead cat I spotted after I left the Opera House. I’m not the superstitious type but I trust my instincts and something told me, this was the night to retire early.

Sunday: For brunch, the concierge at the Maison Dupuy recommended Brennan’s on Royal Street. The place was a little pricey but worth every penny. The staff was friendly despite the upscale feel to the place. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The Crepes Fitzgerald was to die for. Afterwards, I walked over to the French Market to do a little shopping. On the way back to the hotel, I made a brief stop in Margaritaville for a strawberry margarita to go. The rest of the day was spent feeling quite content. The weather had warmed up a bit and I walked around looking at the homes for sale in the quarter. For dinner, I had wanted to go to The Court of Two Sisters. The food impressed me so much during my first visit to New Orleans that I always make sure to go there whenever I visit. This time, I was unable to get a table. To make matters worse, the hostess on duty was a bit rude. I decided to leave and call for a reservation later in the evening only to be told that the restaurant was closed despite it being open. Needless to say, I probably won’t be going back there any time soon. Instead, I went to Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse on Iberville. This is my new favorite steakhouse. Everything was perfect. In a way, I am glad the hostess at the Court of the Two Sisters turned me away. If she hadn’t I might not have gone to Dickie Brennan’s. I recommend this restaurant as the perfect way to end your trip to New Orleans. After dinner, I stopped to get a drink at the Dungeon. I really should have dropped by there Saturday night. I ended up leaving early so I could wake up in time for my flight home.

Monday: The trip home was a little frustrating. There were one or two annoying passengers and an issue with the luggage. At one point, it looked like our flight might have to circle the airport because some idiot had left their seat to use the restroom just before landing at La Guadia airport. The rest of the trip home was uneventful.

EDIT: Even though I had my camera with me, I didn’t take any photos. I just wasn’t in a picture taking mood.


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