March Update

I had planned on making a lot of posts this month. Things didn’t work out as I had planned. The vacation to New Orleans followed by a nasty storm which knocked down two trees next to the house cut down on my time to post here. The rest of my time has been spent on my writing projects and catching up with with friends. It’s one reason why I haven’t posted that much this week.

I went through and updated the Current Projects page of the site. The next book I am releasing will be a fantasy novel title, The Crown and the Ring. I talked to a very talented author and illustrator about some cover art for the new book. I’ll posting a brief excerpt from the prologue of the book tomorrow. I would post more but I am in the editting phase so everything is subject to change.

Once I am done with The Crown and the Ring, I will go back and revise Fall from Grace. There are a few things that I’m not happy about with the book. I want to get those little things straightened out before I run start working on the sequel and advertising the book. If you purchased Fall from Grace for Kindle, you will be able to get the updated copy without any extra fee or charges. I should have it updated by the end of May.

Finally, I looked around for a new theme for the blog. I found one that was almost perfect then I noticed the pink colors for the links and the flowers next to each post. Still, it’s a great looking theme but just not right for me. I’ll keep looking for one that I am completely satisfied.


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