Review: The Black God’s War

I finished Moses Siregar’s novella tonight. The novella forms the background and introduction to a much longer work which shares the same name.

I enjoyed reading The Black God’s War: A Novella Introducing a new Epic Fantasy. I was fascinated by the setting and the characters. Here the gods take an active role in matters, they interact with the world and work on behalf of the Rezzians. In contrast, the Pawelons rely on their sages who employ magic. Both sides are well thought out and distinct. You get a feel for each culture even though the novella focuses more on the Rezzians. Moses avoids labeling one side as “evil”. Both sides in the conflict believe the other side to be the bad guys. He also illustrates how little the two sides understand one another.

Like the setting, the main characters are interesting. Their personalities and motivations are believable. That said, some characters stand out more than others. I wanted to learn more about the Pawelon characters such as Rao. Moses left out several early chapters that dealt with the Pawelon side of the war. The novella would have benefited from their inclusion.

There was only one instance early on in the novella where I needed to reread a sentence to grasp its meaning. Other than that, the writing is solid. All in all, I enjoyed the novella. When the rest of The Black God’s War is released, I will pick up a copy.

Feel free to visit the author’s blog, Moses and Dionysus Walk Into a Bar … for more information about him and his writing.



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2 responses to “Review: The Black God’s War

  1. Thanks for for reading my work and for the review, Richard!

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