First Impression: Cameo the Assassin (Book One)

Cameo the Assassin surprised me. I should have expected that, after all she is an assassin.

When I read the first pages of the sample, it took me a moment to realize the author was describing a bloody crime scene and not some idyllic picnic. Dawn’s description and voice was such that I had to do a mental double take. I re-read the scene not because I didn’t understand it or know what was going on. I knew instinctively that I had missed something and I didn’t want to do that. Sure enough, I had. I love a story where I have to pay attention and this looks like one of those. I was tempted to buy the book right then and there but I read a bit further. After meeting, some of the other character, I had purchased the book.

I will read and review this book sometime this weekend.


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