Review: Cameo the Assassin (Book One)

Late last night, I finished Cameo the Assassin. I would have posted a review earlier but I needed some sleep and time to pull my thoughts together.

This is one of those books that rewards the reader for paying attention. From start to finish, there is a lot going. There is no point where the story drags. Its pace is smooth. The plot is in constant motion, driven by the characters.

The characters especially Cameo are complex and detailed. Each one has a past and background that plays a part in the story adding depth to it.  There are characters that you will love, some that you will hate and a couple that will be a mystery to you. They are all men and women of action. For the most part, they do not sit around waiting for something to happen.

Dawn provides the perfect setting for her characters. It’s not a safe or savory place. It’s a place filled with danger. Here nobles employ assassins to accomplish what politics and bribery could not. Violence can erupt at anytime. Several times during the story, I was surprised. Like the characters, I was unprepared for what the world threw at me.

All of these factors made Cameo the Assassin enjoyable read for me. I recommend this book especially to those looking for a darker story.



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2 responses to “Review: Cameo the Assassin (Book One)

  1. Richard,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review my novel. I’m very pleased you enjoyed it.


  2. Brendan Carroll

    Great review, Miss Dawn. Sounds like a winner.

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