1st & 2nd Gen Kindle Tips and Tricks: Search Feature

The Search feature on the Kindle is surprisingly powerful. You can use it to search for items your Kindle, the Kindle Store, Amazon, wiki, Google and the built in dictionary. It also lets you access the internet without going to the Experimental section. Just type the website you would like to go to in the search field and use the go to web option.

The Kindle has a built in calculator that you can also access through the search menu. Type out the equation in the search field and then hit enter. The calculator can do basic math and trig functions. It even allows you to use parenthesis for more complex equations and groupings.

You can access Search by pressing the Menu button.

Advanced Tip: You can use shortcuts to access the search engine from the Home screen. I’ve been told you can also use the search feature to find multimedia files on your  Kindle. I haven’t tested this out yet.



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2 responses to “1st & 2nd Gen Kindle Tips and Tricks: Search Feature

  1. Well, kindle has a powerful search feature but it can not find a simple string like “on the street”, it shows only “street” instead of showing properly what you are looking for, namely exactly “in the street”. It just ignores “in the”. With other words: the search result is the same whether you give “street” or “on the street”. Can someone throw more light on it? How to force Kindle to find a given string of words in given order? Thanks for sharing

    • The search engine can find a string of words in a given order. The problem is that the search engine filters out and ignores some prepositions. While it might give confusing results searching of “on the street”, it will find “man on the street” despite ignoring “on the”. Hope this helps. Richard.

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