Review: Neoprene CoverGuard for E-Readers

I plan on ordering a Kindle Lighted Leather Cover when they go on sale but I needed something to use in the meantime.

Since I am planning to upgrade relatively soon, I wanted something relatively inexpensive that will protect my Kindle while it sits in my messenger bag. I decided to give the Neoprene CoverGuard for E-Readers a try. It is also called the Accessory Power Protective Sleeve.

For $9.99, I wasn’t expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve used it over the weekend and it hasn’t disappointed me. The case is good quality for its price.

Actually, this is more of a sleeve. The top of the sleeve folds over to hold your Kindle firmly in place.  The sleeve offers enough protection to safeguard my Kindle from most mishaps that can occur while it sits in my bag. When used on its own, the sleeve gives it some protection if you drop it but not much. If this is really an issue, you can add extra padding and still fit your Kindle inside.

There is a strap on the back of the sleeve. You can use it to attach the case to your belt. It appears sturdy enough for occasional use.

The front pocket on the case is small. It is the perfect size for business cards and notes. It is not big enough to fit my Kindle’s power supply. This isn’t an issue for me since I will use this case in conjunction with a messenger bag or on its own for very short trips where I won’t need to charge up my Kindle.

All in all, this sleeve is a solid buy especially if you want something to use until you buy the super expensive case of your dreams.


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