1st & 2nd Gen Kindle Tips and Tricks: Photo Viewer

You can use your Kindle to view photos. Connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable and create a “pictures” folder on your Kindle. Inside the “pictures” folder, you may categorize your pictures by creating subfolders. Just copy the pictures you want into the appropriate subfolder. Each subfolder will be listed on your Kindle as if it were a book and the pictures within the subfolder will be displayed as pages in that book.

When viewing pictures in the photo viewer, you can use the Menu button or the following shortcuts:

  • Zoom In – Q
  • Zoom Out – W
  • Reset Zoom – E
  • Rotate Picture – R
  • Toggle Actual Size – E
  • Pan Photo – Controller

Note: The Kindle can display jpg, gif and png files. Pictures larger than 600 x 800 resolution and 167 pixels per inch will be resized. This means it will take longer for them to load.



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4 responses to “1st & 2nd Gen Kindle Tips and Tricks: Photo Viewer

  1. Roberto Pensotti

    I downloaded a bunch of pictures on my new Kindle Fire,
    The only free picture viewer app is a primitive and inept application appropriately called “Simple Picture Viewer”.
    This app does not allow to use touch to zoom in and zoom out.
    The action for swiping pictures back and forth is tentative and awkward.
    No slideshow option.
    The user interface is made of tiny folders most of which have nothing to do with pictures.
    Without a usable Picture Viewer and with the temperamental and non configurable Carousel, the Kindle Fire is not going anywhere.
    Jeff Bezos please, the Fire is a good idea at an attractive price, but with an unconscionably crude software, except for the e-reader and the integration with Amazon Prime.

    • All of the tips and tricks on the blog are for the older Kindles. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting a Kindle Fire until December so I can’t comment about the apps. I do know that Amazon will be releasing updates to software and applications in the near future. Also, more apps will be available at all price points including free.

  2. Ken

    The Kindle Fire comes wih an app called Gallery which allows one to view pictures, it also has zoom (pinch zoom) functions which the other picture viewing apps lack. I’ve had no need to download any other apps to view pictures

    • That’s good to know. All of the tips on this site were written for the 1st and 2nd generation Kindles. They don’t have a lot of the features that are standard on the Kindle Fire and later models. If I ever get a Kindle Fire, I’ll add a tips and tricks section for it.

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