Review: White Hairs

White Hairs is not your typical fantasy novel. It is a subtle work that may not be for everyone.

At first, I did not think I would like the book. The writing style, main character and setting won me over. I enjoyed this story for what it is, a thought provoking spiritual journey.

The setting is original and well thought out. Farshoul, the main character, is intriguing. You feel his struggle and understand his difficulties. The writing style is descriptive and concise. All in all, it’s a good read.

The minor nitpick is the formatting. The first 65% of the book is clear and easy to read. For some reason, the indentations are lost for the last part of the book. Still, that is nothing that will ruin your enjoyment. I sent a note to the author and he will fix the issue assuming it is not something on my end.

I recommend reading the sample before purchasing the book. You will be able to tell if this book is for you or not by the time you are done with the sample. If you give this book a chance, it will draw you in like it did me.


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