Baen Free Library

This might be old news to some people but I thought I would share this little tidbit now that there are a lot more Kindle users out there.

Baen Books maintains a free library called the Baen Free Library. On the site, you will find a number of their titles in electronic format. Anyone who wishes to access these titles can do so with no strings attached. You can choose to download a title, read it online or have it emailed directly to their Kindle.

It’s a smart move from the publisher and one that I applaud. I found several titles that I own in dead tree form. It’s nice being able to add them to my Kindle library. I also discovered several authors whose books looked interesting but for some reason I never tried them. After reading one author’s book, it gave me incentive to buy some of his other books.

If you love science fiction and fantasy, check out the library. I almost guarantee you will find something you like.


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