First Impression: The Kinshield Legacy

My first impressions after reading a sample of The Kingshield Legacy are good. There is a feeling of depth that carries over into every facet of the sample.

The setting and background are rich with history yet it does not feel like you are being spoon fed information.

The character are colorful and detailed. Sometimes, a few paragraphs will only be enough to skim the surface of a character. In other cases, you dive in deep and are rewarded with some insight into the character’s nature. For example, take a look at Brodas in chapter two. In less than a page, he goes from being just a bad guy to something truly malignant. If you read the sample, you’ll know what I mean by that statement.

What brings it all together is the strength of the author’s writing style. The descriptions are concise and clear, making it easy to read.

I wish I had more insight into where the story will go. Wherever it leads, the trip promises to be fun. I will probably get to this book until after I get back from Atlanta, GA.


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  1. Richard, thanks so much for the kind words! I hope you enjoy the story — and have a great time at DragonCon!

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