First Impression: Reining In (The Network)

I love and sometimes hate books featuring vampires. Some focus on aspects I am not fond of. Others seem like copies of other books and stories. Very few have the right mix of things to draw me in. The vampire books I like the most have something unique or innovative about them. It’s one of the reasons why I liked Reining In (The Network) from the start. Immediately, you learn that vampires in Dawn Judd’s world are different. This appealed to me.

Khalida, the main character, isn’t what you would expect from a being who has lived as long as she has. She isn’t larger than life despite her supernatural powers and resources. Khalida is a product of her world and evolution. She is smart and tough. Her methods and personality make her seem more real to me. It’s these things and the voice the author has given her that made reading this sample so enjoyable.

I bumped the book to the top of my reading list because I enjoyed the sample so much and I am in the mood for a book featuring vampires.


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