First Impressions: Erich’s Plea

I managed to get through the sample of Erich’s Plea while making final preparations for my trip. It took me longer to compose my thoughts than it did to read the sample.

Tracey’s writing style made it easy to read and follow the story. I enjoyed the first chapter the most. The second and third chapters did slightly more telling than showing but it wasn’t enough to make me skip pages or put down the sample.

Slade is an interesting character with a diverse background. There are many things about him that I’m curious about. I didn’t expect to learn everything about him in a few pages but there were a few missing details that could have been filled in.

The setting reminded me of a role-playing game campaign world. I don’t mind that at all. I enjoyed reading a number of Forgotten Realms and other novels based on games. Also keep in mind, I am only reading a small sample of the book. My impressions might change when I get into the rest of the book.

Finally, there are some minor formatting issues. The author uses extra lines to break up the text but there are a couple of places where they are missing. Also at the beginning of each chapter, there are images. The images are a very nice touch. Unfortunately, the text associated with the image tended to mess up the formatting of the first line of the chapters I read. This isn’t a deal breaker for me. Formatting errors happen. Some aren’t even the author’s fault but a product of the Kindle conversion process. It won’t stop me from buying and reading the book.  I just wanted to point it in case anyone decides to buy the book based on my first impressions.

I will probably get to this book in one or two weeks depending on work.


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