1st & 2nd Gen Kindle Tips and Tricks: Text Input Box

This is another basic tip that bears repeating. There is no need to use the menu key to access the Search features and web browser on your Kindle. You can access the text input box from your Kindle’s Home screen.

To bring up the text input box, press the Enter key. You can use this box to search your Kindle, the Amazon store, Google and Wikipedia. You can also use it to navigate straight to a web page without going through the Experimental section. Just type in the text you would like to search for or the URL address then use the 5-way controller to select the option you wish to use.

Advanced Tip: There are additional shortcuts that you can use in the text input box. For example, if you want to navigate to Google Maps, type @url maps.google.com/m. This will take you to Google Maps without having to use the 5-way controller.



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2 responses to “1st & 2nd Gen Kindle Tips and Tricks: Text Input Box

  1. John Hanton

    Actually you don’t even need to press the enter button… Just start typing on the home OR while in the book view and the text box will appear.

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