A Quick Note

Since writing the Gift of Fury, I’ve learned the value of having a good proofreader and copy editor. It’s always good to have another set of eyes looking over a manuscript. In my case, I used five beta readers and had a former english teacher edit my story. Unfortunately, there were a lot of errors missed by me and my editor. Over the last year, I’ve gone back and edited the manuscript but there are still problems with it. For my future releases, I plan to hire a good editor to help root out any problems.

In the meantime, I hope the errors aren’t enough to ruin anyone’s enjoyment of the book. Feel free to contact me with any feedback or comments and thanks again for reading.


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One response to “A Quick Note

  1. Steve Goldmaker

    I just finished reading Gift of Fury. I enjoyed your take on the world of the supernatural as it relates to the modern world. The editing/proofreading did bother me. Sorry, but that kind of thing pulls me out of my immersion in the story and makes me aware of the fact that I am reading. I was glad to see your statement that you had gotten a new editor and were taking this seriously. I will look forward to further excursions into your worlds.

    Steve G

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