Review: Peace Warrior

After reading a short story written by Steven Hawk, I decided to pick up Peace Warrior. The blurb reminded me of all those Buck Rogers serials I used to watch as a kid on PBS. I’m talking about the black and white ones with Buster Crab. Yes, Gil Gerard and Erin Grey have a special place in my heart but when I think of Buck Rogers I think of the old movie serials.

There are a lot of very good things about Peace Warrior. I liked the plot, premise and writing style.

That said, there are parts where the book drags. It was never enough to make me put it down or skip pages. Also, some of the other characters seemed a little thin. It’s a weakness that is shared with the old movie serials. There were episodes where nothing happened and only a few of the characters were truly fleshed out. Still, I really enjoyed the book especially the last few chapters.


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