Submissions Closed for Book Reviews

For the time being, I am closing submissions for book reviews. Between focusing on my writing and marketing my current books, I don’t have enough time to go through all the submission requests I get. It takes time to read samples and jot down my first impressions then read and do a full review. In some cases, I get requests for genres I don’t read or enjoy. Once I make a dent in my reading list, I might open up submissions again.

I want to thank all those who either sent me copies of their books to review or Smashwords coupons. It’s appreciated. I am still going to be posting reviews and first impressions. If I like your book’s sample, I will get to your book sooner or later. I will also be reviewing books that happen to catch my eye.


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One response to “Submissions Closed for Book Reviews

  1. I totally understand. I also had to close submissions for book reviews. My TBR pile is just ridiculous!

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