New Links

I’ve added some more links to the sidebar that might be a little helpful.

  • Daily eBook Reviews – an ebook review site
  • Kindle Books Reviewed – a kindle book review site
  • NoveCritic – a book review site dedicated to dedicated to discovering well-written, self-published books.
  • Online Novels – contains the titles of more than 1000 online books written by both published and unpublished authors who have made their work freely available on the internet. The novels listed here are organized by category, with brief descriptions taken from the websites on which they can be found.
  • Syria Says – consists mainly of reviews and submissions from Indie authors. These will run the gamut from interviews to guest blogs to trailers to advertisements.




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2 responses to “New Links

  1. I’ve been keeping an eye on novelcritic, but I don’t see any posts or reviews more recent than March of last year. I suspect it’s no longer being kept up.

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