Back from Boston

March was one of those months when I had to make a choice between writing and updating this blog. I got a lot of writing done although it meant slacking off in terms of marketing and hanging around on the forums.

After much thought, I changed the premise behind Grave Digging and finished the short stories that I want to include in the collection. I also finished writing the Hunger. Like Grave Digging, it features Count Albritton and his friends. Both books are set prior to the Gift of Fury.

After all of this, I needed a break. Thankfully, some of my friends were getting together in Boston and I decided to see them. It was a very fun drama free time. I managed to make a number of new friends.

Ryan the bartender at Red Sky was a life saver. He is also an incredible artist. You can find some of his work here. I hope to use some of his art for the cover of one of my books. Dave Conti, the self-proclaimed Seraphim, dragged me with him on Wednesday and Friday night to a couple of bars near Government Center. I got to listen to some good music and relax. And then there was Nicole. We’ll just say she is awesome and leave it at that. Lief, a friend from Eve Online, dragged me out for lunch.

All in all, I have no complaints about the trip. I even managed to do a little research and draft a very rough outline for a story. Now, it’s back to work. I need to start editing both of the new books as well as get cover art for them. With any luck, both books will be available for Kindle by the end of this month. The next projects include The Crown and the Ring, Redemption Song and the sequel to the Gift of Fury.


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