Flash Fiction: Soulcatcher

Being a paranormal investigator isn’t the easiest job in the world. Sometimes, you have to do things that cause pain to set them right. This was one of those times.

“You have to destroy it,” I said.

“I can’t do it, Count. It’s all I have left.”

I looked at the roll of film and the images of the two little angels captured there. I remember how they looked in life. I remember the sound of their laughter. The film made it easy. That was what made it so magical. That was what made it so dangerous. It would be easy to leave him with this memento of times gone by but the price was too high.

“I know what they meant to you,” The look he gave me, called me a liar but it was true. I’ve lost people close to me. There’s a void that can’t be filled but over time the space can contract and become smaller but it never disappeared.  He had to let this go for his own good and more importantly, for theirs. “You have a piece of their souls. They can’t rest until you let it go.”

Now, he looked at me. The sadness and pain made him seem older than his thirty years. For a moment, I thought he was about to fight me. He could call upon the same magic that he used to forge his soul catcher. I hoped it wouldn’t come to that. I’m not a sorcerer but I have power, one that made me uniquely suited for this task.

With a sigh that let me know I had won this battle without having to throw a punch, he handed me the film. I looked at it one last time before I called on the gift that protects me. My friend turned to leave, not wanting to watch this. Slowly and with great care, the magic within the film dissipated. With its departure the angels flew free to wherever it is souls go when they are at peace.

The words of my guardian angel touched my thoughts from across the link we share. She had remained quiet, not wanting to distract me until now. “Count, he might not be able to forgive you for this.

I’m okay with that, Kara, especially if it helps him get through this.

It’s another thing about this job. Sometimes, you had to take the fall. This time, it was worth it.

Author Commentary: I don’t write much flash fiction. I decided to write this story as part of a promotion for bookPumper. The piece had to be 400 words or less. It had to feature the people in one of the photos provided. I happened to have an idea for a Count Albritton story in my head. I hope you enjoy this very short piece. You can follow more of Count Albritton’s adventures in the Gift of Fury, Grave Digging and the other books in his series.


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