May Update

I pride myself on being able to multitask. I can work on a wide range of projects at the same time but there are times when I need to focus my attention on something to do it right. A few weeks ago, I decided to focus on my writing. There were a number of projects that I needed to finish to make my self-imposed deadline. It meant things like promotion and marketing had to fall by the wayside, not to mention blog posts.

I put the finishing touches on Grave Digging. It’s a collection of four related short stories featuring Count Albritton. They all take place prior to the Gift of Fury. The plan is to release short story collections and novellas featuring Count Albritton while I work on the full length books in his series. They will fill in details and events that take place in between the books while others will focus on Count’s past or one of his friends. If my editor has time to work on it this week, Grave Digging will be published before the end of the month.

While I was working on Grave Digging, I had an idea for a new series. There were stories that I wanted to tell that fit into Count Albritton’s world but they weren’t a good fit for Count or his friends. They required a different cast of characters. The Incarnates will revolve around the adventures of Bethany and Caine. You won’t need to read the Count Albritton series to enjoy the new series or vice versa. Each story will be approximately twenty pages long. I’ll release a new part every few weeks, time permitting. At the end of each story arc, I will bundle them together in a single edition. The Incarnates will appeal to those who enjoy urban fantasy with some paranormal romance. The first story arc will be called The Incarnates: Lovers. It will be released as soon as I settle on a cover for the first book.

On the sidebar, you might notice Redemption Song. It’s the followup story to my sci-fi thriller Fall from Grace. This story features Joey and Tabatha, a broadcaster who has gotten in over her head. It’s a darker story from the first book. It would have to be. Joey is a real piece of work. The story still needs a lot of work. I don’t have a release date yet and I’m not going to rush things with it. I’m hoping it will be out by July.

There are a number of other projects that I am working on which are at various stages of completion. Most of those are on hold until I send out The Gift of Fury for re-editing and proofing. Despite multiple edits, there are still a lot of mistakes in the manuscript that need to be fixed. I also want to commission a new cover for the book. Once that is done, I will get back to work on the sequel, tentatively titled The Price of Failure.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll have another update for you next week along with a few more posts.


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  1. I know exactly what this is like. My own push to get some networking rolling has push my writing aside more than it should. But I’ve recognized the problem and working on the necessary changes.

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