I just got done reading Michael Stackpole’s blog post, House Slaves vs. Sparticus. He makes a lot of good points and sense.

I want to point out one of my favorite parts from his post.

In the pursuit of profit, publishers choose what will go into their lines irrespective of quality. Their job is to sell books, not buy literature. This is why the whole gatekeeper myth—that publishers only allow works of quality to go out—is a load of hooey. If that were true, if they were the gatekeepers, we’d never have a book that sucked hitting the stands. (Yes, Snooki, I’m talking to you.) Remember that whenever you hear the whole legitimacy argument brought up. Michael Stackpole

Wise words from a wise man. Check out his blog, if you’re so inclined, and maybe buy one of his books.



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2 responses to “Gatekeepers

  1. Just tweeted your post Kyrin. It really was an interesting blog, wasn’t it? Jeanne

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