With a Little Help

I’ve been very productive this month. I decided to publish a number of short stories and a novella while I put the finishing touches on the sequels to the The Gift of Fury and Fall from Grace. I’m very excited about all the new stuff I’ve written but I couldn’t do it without help from a couple of people.

Author Noah K Mullette-Gillman was kind enough to edit my stories. He has really come through for me this month. You can find some of his books and short stories here. Recently Red Adept Reviews gave his book, White Hairs, a four star review. You can read the full review here.

Arkali, of Kindle Boards, helped me by giving me some feedback on a couple of my stories. With any luck, she will also be doing Oops detection on the novella and the sequels I plan to release soon. If you’re an author and you want someone to go over your manuscript for things you or your editor might have missed, you can find more information about her Oops Detection Service here.

I also want to thank all the beta readers and people I have annoyed with my questions after they took time from their busy schedules to read my books.

Next weekend, we’ll be releasing another story. The plan is to keep on releases new stories until the sequels to my first two books are ready to be published this Summer.


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