Why Sci-fi and Fantasy?

A while back someone asked me why I mainly wrote science fiction and fantasy. Was it because I liked to read it or because it sells or a little of both?

I like writing the kind of stories I like to read. Science fiction and fantasy are my two favorite genres but I’ve also written in other genres. The important thing is the story and how I tell it.  I’m most comfortable and at my best telling stories in those two genres but I don’t limit myself to them. If I ever come up with a story that works best as a espionage thriller, that’s the genre I will use.

Sure, I have been temped to write something in another genre because it might sell and make a lot of money. It usually coincides with some financial crisis. The thing is it would probably come out as crap. I would rather write something good that I can be proud of even if the landlord thinks the world could use another Twilight ripoff.



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