July Update

I haven’t been posting much these last two weeks. When I haven’t been writing, I’ve been working on my costumes for DragonCon. This year, I’ll have three new costumes: Cloak, Bishop, and Mal Duncan. I’ll also be bringing back Nick Fury and Luke Cage with the Phantom Stranger as my backup costume. After DragonCon, I’ll be attending the New York Comic Con and Super Megafest.

As for writing, so far July has been another productive month for me.  The last part of The Incarnates: Lovers is in the hands of Victory Editing. As soon as I get it back and make any needed changes, it will be published on Kindle. The next book in the Count Albritton series, The Hunger, is done and in need of editing and proofreading. Like Grave Digging, it’s a prequel book. The sequel to The Gift from Fury still needs a lot more work before it’s ready. I’ve also completed the first draft for The Crown and the Ring, my epic fantasy story. Depending on the feedback, it might be ready for publication around the same time as The Hunger. After that I have a lot of projects to pick and choose from. I haven’t settled on which project to end the year with. I’m going to leave it up to my mood and my muse when September rolls around.

Next week, we’ll talk about vampires and post another short story. Have a good weekend and keep cool.



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