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It seems a lot of publishers and authors are outraged about Amazon’s Lending Library as well as its efforts to put ebooks in libraries. For full details read this article from Publishers Weekly titled: Could Amazon’s Lending Library End in Court?

Publishers and some authors who are listening to their publishers insist Amazon is stealing from them. By their thinking, Amazon is also the devil. This is not true. The small publishers yelling foul aren’t being totally honest with agents and authors about the lending program and how it works.

Now, KDP might be different for large publishers but Amazon has spelled out a number of things in their royalty agreements concerning the Lending Library and other services they offer. Any book enrolled in the 70% royalty rate program is automatically opted into the Amazon Lending Program. It’s part of the terms of agreement for the higher royalty rate. A lot of people forget that the higher royalty rate comes with strings attached.

For me, this isn’t an issue. If it were, I would go with a lower royalty rate.

As a reader and as a writer, some of the comments in the PW article are pretty scary. Libraries and the ability to lend a book is a good thing. It encourages people to read even when they can’t afford to buy a book without resorting to stealing and piracy.

I wonder about any writer and publisher who is against libraries and book lending. In a way, this thinking represents all that is wrong with the old way of doing things. People are blinded by money and what they think they are losing because their books can be loaned out. Instead of thinking things through and seeing how such a situation could benefit them, there is this knee jerk reaction to bite the hand that could potentially feed them a banquet in the coming months.

EDIT: I just want to add that I posted a comment on the PW site. Also, I reserve the right to be wrong and change my opinion should more facts arise.


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