Star Wars Old Republic

I hope everyone had a happy holiday weekend. After the fun of turkey day, I decided to take a little time to play the Star Wars Old Republic beta.

I’m not going to go into details or post a full review. You’ll see a lot of those in the coming weeks. In a nutshell, I really liked what little I saw of the game. Bioware has raised the bar for all other mmorps. Even with the bugs of beta, the game is light years ahead of any mmorpg I have played in the past. More importantly, it captures the feel for Star Wars which is something Star Wars Galaxy was never able to do for me. The game feels like you’re taking part in an epic beautifully crafted story. I had a lot of fun playing the low level content for the Smuggler and Sith characters.

Needless to say, this means I will be getting less work done when the game goes live in December.



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