The Winds of Change

Change is in the wind. It’s December and the electronic publishing world is in a frenzy. Two new tablets had been released last month. There were a couple of changes to copyright law that helped writers regain the rights to their works. Amazon opened up two new stores overseas with a third one on the way while Kobo made a stunning comeback in a bid to expand into the Asian market.

The big news is the Amazon Lending Library and KDP Select program. This is a game changer. Amazon is now playing hardball with its competitors by offering authors and publishers incentive to have their books exclusively on Kindle.

I won’t go into details about the program. You can read how the it works on the KDP Select web site. I also won’t talk about why this might be good or bad for readers, writers, publishers and Amazon’s competitors. That answer is going to be vary based on who you are and your situation. I’m just going to talk about what this means for me and my books.

I have decided to enroll some of my books in the KDP Select program. I have a lot of reasons for doing this. The two main reasons come down to money and marketing. Amazon is offering me money, or more accurately the chance to make more money by participating in the program. It’s not going to make me rich but it might be more than what I currently earn. I can still keep the prices of my books reasonable while possibly earning more money. I consider that a good thing.

My other reason involves marketing and promotion. Amazon does a lot to promote books on their site. They want people to sell books. They can help me put my book into the hands of people who want to read them. Instead of paying money to get this increased exposure, I have to pull the books I enroll in the program from other distributors. As long as this helps me get my books out to the people who want to read them, this is a good thing.

This is why enrolling in KDP Select makes sense for me. I don’t get many sales outside of Amazon. If it doesn’t work out, I am not under a contract to keep my books in the program forever. That said, I’m not pulling all of my books from other stores. People who own a Nook, iPad or other eReader will still be able to get some of my books including any collected editions and omnibuses I release.

As for what you should do, weigh all the facts carefully and make an informed decision. Don’t make a knee jerk reaction that you might regret. Things are likely to change.


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