Out of the Box Thinking

A while back, I wrote several short stories that tied into my Count Albritton series. The stories featured two new characters, Bethany and Caine. The idea was to turn these stories into a series and to see Count Albritton’s world from a different perspective.

Sales have been sluggish. It could be the book’s length, the stories, lack of marketing, or some other factor. I’m not going to agonize over sales figures and book rankings. I’m going to do something about it.

I could do all the usual stuff to help jumpstart sales but I wanted to try something different. Now, this is a little out of the box so please bear with me. I won’t be publishing another book in the series. Instead, I will add stories and content to the existing ebook. The important fact is that those who have already purchased The Incarnates: Lovers will not need to buy a new copy of the ebook to get access to the new stories. Whenever I add stories and content to the book, I will post here on this blog. When I make a major update, I will also have Amazon will send out an email with instructions on how to get the updated version with the additional content. I’m not looking to spam anyone.

In a way, I’m treating The Incarnates: Lovers like a magazine or comic book subscription. Some of you might be wondering how many stories I plan to add. I don’t have a firm number in my head. Originally, I planned to add four more short stories and a novella to the book. I might add more. That’s up to my muse. Regardless, the number and quality of the stories will more than justify the current price of 99 cents. As for how often I plan to add content, the answer is whenever they are fit to print.

Hopefully, this might attract readers. If this idea works, I might do something similiar with the fantasy series I am working on. Let me know what you think about this idea.


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