Weekend in Review

I spent this weekend in Atlanta to catch up on my writing and to see a few friends. It was a fun time. I really like hanging out down here.

Friday night, I saw a couple of friends who just happened to be down here for a convention. It was totally unplanned and a welcome surprise. I usually only see Joe and the others at DragonCon. I also finished a fantasy short story that’s going to be posted on this site and in my next book.

I spent an hour on Saturday wandering around MomoCon. It’s an anime con and a change from the conventions I usually attend. Afterwards, I grabbed some lunch at Sway and hung out at Twenty Two stories in the Hyatt Regency. I did a lot of people watching and came up with the idea for another story while people watched the NCAA tourney.

Saturday night I ended up at the Shelter with a friend. I met a lot of cool people. Cammie, the bartender, rocks. The only downer was that a bunch of my friends bailed on me but that was okay. I still had a lot of fun. My new catchphrase for the night is “ride the white pony.”

Sunday was a day of recovery and more writing. I have an early flight back home tomorrow. I’m already packed except for the laptop and clothes for tomorrow. I’ve promised myself not to overdo things tonight. We’ll see how that goes.

Until later……



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