C2E2 Recap

I’m back from Chicago and C2E2. The convention was a blast. I got to hang around with some old friends and I made a lot of news ones. There were a lot of surprises and amazing things going on. Everything rocked. If I can afford it, I’ll definitely attend it next year.

I spent most of Friday dressed as Green Arrow. I got to meet a bunch of really cool people at the DC booth and got some first print comics. That night I met and hung out with Brendan McGinley over at Bankshot Comics. We had a very good and short conversation at the Hyatt bar. I also ran into Judy, a friend from Marvel.com and Dennis Calero, one of the artists who worked on the Marvel Noir series.

On Saturday, I donned my leather coat and eyepatch to channel Nick Fury for an Avengers photo shoot. Our group included Iron man, Black Widow, Maria Hill, the Hulk and Captain America. We also had another shielt agent and Agent Coulson. I never had my picture taken that much before at a con. The best part was at the Marvel booth and a bunch of kids in costume joined us on stage. I wish I could have stayed for the fun on Sunday but I had an early flight home.

I think the biggest surprise of the weekend was Shia LaBeouf. He decided to come to C2E2 on the spur of the moment. He had a table set up in Artist’s Alley where he was selling his self-published comic books. Here was a guy who probably could have gone to one of the major comic book companies and used his fame as a movie star to get his foot in the door. Instead, he chose to go the indie route like many comic book writers and artists had done before him. He is literally starting at the bottom and for that he has my respect. I think he is off to a great start and I wish him the best.

It made me realize how different the comic book industry is from the rest of the publishing world. It’s not perfect but artists, writers and publishers involved in the industry are more accepting and supportive of independent efforts. Self publishing a book is almost a badge of honor and in some cases it can lead to opportunities at one of the major companies if that is something you’re interested in. Despite the sucess stories, the rest of the publishing industry isn’t like that, at least not yet. Here’s to the future.


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