Double Standards

There’s a double standard and a tad bit of hypocracy when it comes to critics and reviews. For some reason, there is this idea that a critic can say whatever they want about something and everyone is supposed to nod their heads. Whenever an actor, writer or anyone else levels criticism at a critic or their review, they are automaticly in the wrong. Some genius will speak out and say the critic is entitled to his or her opinion. That’s true. They are entitled to their opinion. By same token, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Whether they are an actor, writer, director, musician, chef, or even that guy down the block you don’t like, they are just as entitled to their opinion as a critic. If a critic says so and so movie sucks, that’s fine. It’s his right to do so. It’s also my right to say that critic is full or crap. Both of us are stating opinions. There is no right or wrong one. We aren’t talking about a math problem or something with a definitive answer.

So, what brought this on? I was reading an article where Sammuel L. Jackson slammed a New York Times critic over their negative review of the Avengers. Now, he is a bad guy for stating his opinion about the critic and his review. Critics are flocking out of the woodwork to take Sammuel Jackson to task for stating his opinion and get this, they have the nerve to call him irrational for doing so. What a load of garbage. It’s his right and his choice whether or not he wants to voice his opinion. That doesn’t make him irrational. It makes him a human being with the same rights as anyone else.

On a personal note, I respect anyone’s opinion who reviews my books. I’m not going to take them to task for a negative review unless they have some kind of ulterior motive or agenda. Just don’t expect me to agree with them or be all sunshine and rainbows about it.


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