One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Last week, I was struggling with my writing. I found myself going back over what I had written and tidying it up or making minor changes. It took me a few days to realize something was wrong. It was time to step back from my work and take a break.

My break included hanging out with friends, seeing the Avengers in 3D, watching the season finales of my favorite tv shows, and the internet. Afterwards, I finished another Incarnates short story that is in dire need of editing. Now, I feel better about where I’m at and the progress I’m making with my writing this month.

I plan to spend this week finishing a number of short stories that are in various stages of completion before I go back to the novel I am working on. Some of these stories will be published for Kindle and others will be available for free on this site. After that, I need to contact my favorite editor and see about some brand new cover art for The Prize, Redemption Song, and The Court of the Two Sisters.

The Prize is a collection of fantasy short stories. These stories serve as a prelude to my fantasy novel, The Crown and the Ring. I decided to release the short stories first instead of bundling them with the novel or trying to tell the stories as flashbacks.

Redemption Song is the sequel to my sci-fi thriller, Fall from Grace. It features Tabatha Strong, an investigative broadcaster, who is in way over her head. Things only get worse when she turns to Joey for help.

The Court of the Two Sisters is another Count Albritton story. This story takes place prior to the Hunger. I probably should have told this story sooner but I had an easier time writing the Hunger. Now that I am about to publish the rest of Crossroads, it’s important to publish this story, It’ll fill in some of the gaps and delve into Jennifer’s relationship with Count.

As for when any of this stuff will be published, a lot is going to depend on when I can get it all edited.

Okay, time for my to get some sleep. We’ll have a new book of the week up tomorrow.



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