I’m Back

Sorry for the silence but I there was a good reason for it. I managed to really screw up my shoulder. It was painful enough for me to limit my time on the computer. It got to the point where the rest of my arm started hurting and I was unable to write. That’s when I knew it was something time and rest wouldn’t fix. After a visit to the doctor’s office, I was diagnosed with adhesive capulitis or frozen shoulder. I had a choice of a cortisone shot and physical therapy or surgery. I opted for the shot and physical therapy. Now, my shoulder and arm are feeling a lot better. I can once again think straight without popping advil like candy.

I’m now ready to tackle all the projects that I let slide these last two months. I really hate missing deadlines and backpedaling on the stories I promised to post. I won’t say it will never happen again. I’m just going to try and do better. My goal is to edit the short stories I plan to post here. After that, I should have some feedback on the Count Albritton / Incarnates story Crossroads. Towards the end of the week, I’ll have a better idea where things stand with regards to my other projects.

Stay safe and cool.



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