The Secret I Had Forgotten

And no, it’s not “You and the land are one.” I don’t have any delusions of granduer or aspirations to be king. No, the secret I am refering to is something else.

I remembered this particular secret during my physical therapy appointment. It had been going well. I was regaining strength and mobility in my arm. I had just gotten a healthy dose of electro stimulation. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Next to the soft tissue massage, it was the best part of my treatment. Now came the hard part, the stretching and conditioning.

While I was doing my exercises, I found myself listening to the radio. It was a pleasant change. I usually listened to my mp3 player but I had forgotten to charge it. This was one of those things that turned out for the best. It had been a long time since I listened to the radio for something other than the news or a talk show. I smiled as I discovered new music and rediscovered some old favorites I hadn’t listened to in years. It made me realize something was missing in my life.

I was missing that sense of exploration and discovery. I talked about this in a blog post a while back when I quoted Neil deGrasse Tyson yet I had forgotten the secret until I broke free of my usual routine. It might sound sappy but the most precious and wondrous things are sometimes the hardest to hold onto. Without exposure to new ideas and experiences, creativity and drive can  be stifled. As a writer and a person, that’s not someplace I want to be.

Life is short. There are places to go, friends to meet. There are books to be read and new music to hear. Take a break from your usual routine. Adventure and discovery await. With any luck I can follow my own advice and still meet my deadlines.


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