New Feature: Amazon Author Rank

Today, Amazon added a new feather, Amazon Author Rank. It is a list of best-selling authors on Amazon.

Amazon Author Rank is basted on the sales of all of an author’s books on Amazon. The list is updated hourly and only the top 100 authors overall and the top 100 in selected genres will be displayed.

Authors can see their ranking in Author Central and access historical ranking data

On a personal note: I see a lot of familiar faces in the top 100 for fantasy. That said, I’m not sure this new ranking system is a good idea. I’m already imagining people referencing their author rank and using it to say they are a better writer than someone else. If it does some good and helps sell books for those in the top 100 (and doesn’t hurt the rest of us), I’m on board.


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One response to “New Feature: Amazon Author Rank

  1. David Mitchell and Blake Crouch are the only two in the top 10 of fantasy who should be able to brag. 🙂 They got there with the sales of only one book. Where as I have the sales of 22 titles behind my top 50 appearance. (Im not bragging…lol just saying)

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