Plans for the New Year

I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays. I’ve been taking it easy, enjoying the company of family and friends. Over the weekend, I was asked about when I was going to release the next book in my Count Albritton series and the Incarnates tie-in story. I had plenty of excuses ready but I didn’t fall back on them. The two stories are the beginning of the end for both series. I wasn’t quite ready to end the stories then I remembered that there will always be stories to tell. It might not be with the same characters or setting but that’s the beauty of being a writer. You’re not bound by a single story or genre. The only limits are your skill at storytelling and those you impose on yourself.

That said, I’ll be releasing the last two books in the Count Albritton series sometime during 2013. In the meantime, I’ll finish volume one of the Longest Road for release in January as well as a few short stories. In March, I hope to have another book finished while I plan for my trip to Iceland in April.

My plan for the rest of this year is to finish it on a high note and to begin 2013 the same way. Have a Happy New Year.


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