Long Delayed Update

It’s been a while since I last posted here. As you can tell, I’ve been a bit busy. Writing, submitting to publishers, and looking for a job has taken up most of my time.

Redemption Song finally has a new cover. I might make a new one when I have more time but this is one that I can live with. I’ll have more information about the next story in the series, Skindancer, next week.

The Longest Road – Volume One is now available for Kindle. This is a collection of Count Albritton stories. It includes The Gift of Fury, Grave Digging, Hunter’s Moon, and several new stories. For those new to the series, this volume will save you some money. For those who already have all of my books and want to read the new short stories, I will be posting them here on my web site.

Crossroads, the tie story to the Count Albritton series will be available sometime next week. For those who already own the Incarnates, you can get the updated version for free from Amazon.

The Court of the Two Sisters will be ready for editing soon. This story takes place after The Gift of Fury and prior to The Hunger. I’m not going to give a release date for it because things are pretty hectic here. With any luck, it will be available before the end of July.

To celebrate all of this activity, The Gift of Fury will be available for free download tomorrow, June 20th. Spread the word and take care.



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