On Vacation

DragonCon is my must attend event. It has a lot of the things I love. I have the opportunity to meet some my favorite authors and artists. I get to wear some of my costumes and spend time with friends. There are panels and parties to attend as well as music cncerts. Since I started attending the convention, I haven’t missed a year.

This year, I arrived a week early to do some writing and spent time with friends. It’s been a lot f fun and very productive so far. I finished writing A Simple Request. The hard part will be deciphering my handwriting when I type it into my laptop later tonight. With that story out of the way, I went back to work on Skindancer and another story called The Dreamers. I also settled on a name for the next Count Albritton story. All of this means a lot of work for my beta readers and editor.

For those of you attending the convention, feel free to look me up. This year I’ll be in the following costumes: Phantom Stranger, Green Arrow, Orion, Flash Gordon, Misty Knight, and Blade. I’ll be sure to post pictures from the con.

Until next time, stay safe.




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