Post DragonCon

It’s been a week since I got back from DragonCon and I’ve had some time to process things. Prior to the start of the con, I got a lot of writing done and had a few minor adventures. I have another story ready for editing and another nearing completion.

As for the con itself, I had a very fun time. It would have been perfect if it weren’t for the heat and crowds. I got to see and hang out with a lot of my friends. Most of the time, I wandered the con in costume. This year I costumed as Ocean Master, Misty Knight, Phantom Stranger, Nick Fury, and Flash Gordon. The rest of the time was split between friends, parties, and the few panels I attended. Grace, over at Bodhi Tree Photography, invited me to a private photo shoot and took some awesome pictures of my Phantom Stranger costume. The highlight of the weekend was seeing Anaria perform live on Sunday night.

This year, I didn’t take any pictures but my friends did. I’ll be posting some of them later this week after I finish catching up on things. Till next time, stay safe.



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