Back in Time for the Holidays

Less than a week after my last post, my laptop’s keyboard started to die. Several keys stopped working, making typing an exercise in frustration. Even when I connected a wireless keyboard to my computer, there were issues. One of the USB ports on my laptop was no longer working and a few other parts needed to be replaced. It’s why I haven’t been making any blog or forum posts lately.

I spent most of the month writing and gaming while I waited for the parts needed to fix my laptop. I also treated myself to a late birthday present in the form of a Kindle Fire HD. I’ll probably write a review for the 6” model but in a nutshell, I am quite pleased with it.

When the first load of replacement parts arrived, I got to work refurbishing my laptop. I was able to fix almost everything except the keyboard. The one I received was defective, the W, A, S, and D keys didn’t work so I sent it back. When the second one arrived, it was the wrong part number so I had to send it back as well. This time, I got a refund and looked for another vendor. Thankfully, I found one out on the west coast that had the keyboard I needed in stock. The new keyboard arrived the day before and I had no problems installing it. After a few tests, I’m happy to report that everything is working perfectly. So here I am, back in time for the holidays and in much better spirits.

Until next time, stay safe and thanks for sticking around.


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