Book of the Week – Clay (Farther Than We Dreamed Book 1)

Clay (Farther Than We Dreamed - Episode One)

Charlie Daemon was a late 21st century rock n roll star. One day he was ripped out of his life, away from the woman he loved, and woke up in the far future, the captain of a spaceship/moon on the other side of the cosmos. His crew is made up of twelve of the greatest artists, scientists, and leaders of the next eight hundred years: The doctor who invented the Martian race, the Queen of the British Corporation, a Chinese cyborg-warlord, an eight foot tall Australian Aborigine, a post-human physicist covered in white fur. Together they must understand why they are there, explore the galaxies, explore reality, and come to grips with the results of lives they don’t even remember living.

Note: The contents of this ebook were previously published in Farther Than We Dreamed Book One: The Secrets of the Universe which contained episodes 1-4 of the series. This ebook is currently free on Amazon.


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